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Red Dao Wedding

  • Red Dao Wedding
The Red Dao hill tribe population of Sapa is one subdivision of Dao people living in the highlands of North Vietnam. It has been an honor to spend time over the weekend with two Red Dao families as they connected with each other through a...

Eating Banh Khot in Vietnam

  • Eating Banh Khot in Vietnam
If you love crispy savory pancakes, you’re going to love Vietnamese banh khot!  Among the list of endless delicious Vietnamese snacks and light meals, is a little gem called banh khot (bánh khọt)....

Discovery The Mekong Delta in one day

  • Discovery The Mekong Delta in one day
The Mekong Delta , the place where the great river splits into trails, paths and waterways, is supposed to be one of Vietnam’s most beautiful attractions. Naturally, you should decide to book a one-day tour from Saigon . You'll...

Explore Vietnamese Culture

  • Explore Vietnamese Culture
After being pampered and tasting the best of Vietnamese cuisine, make sure that you make time to enjoy some of the traditional cultural experiences of the country.

Enjoy the Best of Vietnamese local Food

  • Enjoy the Best of Vietnamese local Food
Another reason to travel to Vietnam is to enjoy the local food and, while many areas have a lot of international cuisine, it is well worth seeking out some of the restaurants serving the fresh and spicy tastes of Vietnamese food.

H'mong traditional textiles

  • H'mong traditional textiles
Since ancient times Hmong people have used motifs and patterns to represent their daily life and culture on the designs of their textiles. No two jackets or skirts are the same as every garment is hand crafted to communicate a stage in the...