Cambodian street food is just a look of craving

27 June, 2018

If you passionate about traveling, explore new places, you will agree that enjoying street food is the simplest and most effective way to explore a part of the local culture on each trip. It can be said that the street food in any place also has interesting and interesting, the street food of Cambodia is no exception.

Going to the markets, you will feel drowned in the food world and understand the feeling of "hungry stomach to eat all the delicious food at the same time." The stalls are neat and tidy. At the saloon counter, the smell of cooked fritters, prices from 1 to 4 dollars for a quality meal. And the inviting enthusiastic but not unsettled make people sympathize with the street food stalls in the temple pagoda.

Fried rice noodles are very popular street food in Cambodia. Normally noodles can be fried with beef, chicken, pork, some vegetables and eggs. Wheat prices range from $ 1 to $ 3 per serving. This is considered easy to eat, cheap, very suitable for everyone.

Fried rice noodles - siem reap tour - travel agent in Vietnam

These fried noodles are very popular in Siem Reap with prices, menus are clearly listed.

The stalls are very professional, when there are guests, the seller will bake hot and then add a little fat onion, chili sauce to mark. A small cuttlefish costs $ 5 to $ 10.

In addition to the typical Cambodian grilled fish, it is possible to notice that the variety of dishes here is spicy. One suggestion for you is to go to Cambodia, definitely try the fish, fish here is delicious and delicious food and very own.

Locusts dishes - cambodia tour- travel company Vietnam

Locusts dishes the unique also of cambodia food. Compared with many other insects, locusts are easily eaten, but it is still a challenge for many. In Siem Reap, insect sellers have to deal in the English language, saying that if they only take photos, they would have to pay $ 1, and if you buy anything, you get a free photo.

When you come to Cambodia, you will find that bananas are very popular, so bananas are baked and fried bananas are very popular at very cheap prices.

The faithful of sour must also saliva saliva with these attractive sour counter. Kinds of mango, mango, kidneys, tomatoes are mixed with salt, sugar, chilli sauce ... just looked at it has made people can not handle it.

Talking about Cambodian cuisine without mentioning the tea is very flawed. The tea here is very diverse with worm tea, tea beans, banana tea ... and especially eggplant eggplant is very inviting.

A steamer car with jelly fish in the night market. It is good to try, but eating two dishes together, you should consider offline.

The dried fish, though not the right food but a specialty, is suitable for purchase as a gift in Cambodia. Dried chillies, dried snakehead fish, dried shrimp will make a lot of delicious dishes.

Dry buffalo in Cambodia is also delicious.

Come once to Cambodia to feel about it!