INDIA 2018

04 June, 2018

If you don’t go to india that mean you don’t go asia, Hundreds of years ago the Europeans thought that if you didn’t go to India then you didn’t go to Asia. With lands including the old India + Pakistan + Bangladeshi, and parts of Nepal, the old India was immensely vast - really an Asian sub-continent. On our travels we met a lot of foreign tourists, mostly Europeans, very few Asian guests.

I came to this country to see that the Indians live in harmony with nature, understand more about the origins of the great religions that originated here, understand the enmity between India and Pakistan. Unquestionably, India has so many beautiful legacies and rich history.

🕌Why go to Rajasthan?

India is very large, and has many destinations.

Rajasthan is a state of Pakistan, where the Silk Road runs, and is a strong crossroads of many religions. The buildings mark the history of the mighty Muslim emperors. After experiencing 10 days of wandering 7 cities of Rajasthan state: Mandawa - Bikaner - Jaisalmer - Jodhpur - Udaipur - Jaipur – Agra, vast with palaces, temples, ancient houses, Thar desert red sand In the sunset, and the feeling of loneliness when listening to prayers resounding in the stillness of the morning and at twilight, this is a beautiful journey that seems to me to have gone astray. 1 night.

🌃 Varanasi

Situated on the banks of the Ganges, Varanasi is one of the oldest cities in the world, dating back to the 12th century BC. As in ancient times, plumes of black smoke rise from cremation sites. This is a true "paradise" where the dying people come here to die, be cremated and return to Shiva.

At first, I came up with the impression that I had a bad smell, and also felt a bit pensive. From the airport, sometimes the car just ahead would have as a pack on the roof a dead body. But after a morning boat ride on the river, the Indians washed in the river, and in the evening , after one witnessed the fireballs and prayers, it felt more familiar, even the monks. Daily prayer at 6pm is extremely sacred, thousands of Hindus from everywhere come here every day to admire cremation and prayer, in their lifetime they must bathe once in the sacred river.

🌋 Religion in India

India is a country of great culture, the birthplace of major religions in the world: Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Jainism. Each region of India has a slightly different culture, due to the influence of history and religion.

There are regions where I came upon Jainism, vegetarians across the region, vegetarians that serve nothing but vegetarian food. Then I had the opportunity to visit the Sikh temples,which I found extremely humanistic. The Sikh religion adopts slightly Islamic religious worship (no statues or photos). Somewhat gentle Buddhists, peaceful couples very clearly love each other, men and women go hand in hand, the faithful who contribute money to charity, vegetarian temples for the poor.  It is extremely lovely.

Indian people love nature

And is it from religion (vegetarian) so beautiful that nature is preserved. Birds, monkeys, deer, roe, work everywhere I go. On the way, sometimes tthe animals jump over the road, causing the driver to brake.