Song of history, the country of the temples: Myanmar

13 September, 2017

Myanmar is a country famous for its golden pagodas and ancient buildings, which every year attract thousands of tourists from all over the world to visit.

If Cambodia is called the "Temple Country" or Thailand is the "Golden Temple Country", Myanmar is in favor of the so-called "Land of the Temples". It can be said, where to go in Myanmar you can also see temples, temples and towers.

The Shwedagon Pagoda, also known as the Yellow Pagoda in Yangon, is the largest and most beautiful of Myanmar's temples, formed 2,500 years ago and expanded by Burmese feudal rulers. Shewdagon Temple is located on a high, wide hill, at the top of the tower is attached a lot of diamonds, rubies, jade and precious stones, gold pagoda should be sparkling under the sun during the day and light At night, in Yangon there is a Buddhist temple lying, pagoda pagoda, Buddhist pagoda, Buddhist pagoda. Tourists visiting Myanmar will be happy to explore the temples with different architectural connections.

Kyaikhtyo Temple in Mon State is a unique wonder in the world. The pagoda was built on a large boulder of yellow color on the high cliffs that looked spectacular.

A country with many landscapes and ancient culture, Myanmar is one of the largest tourist attractions in Southeast Asia.