Some dishes in VietNam

Sep 16 2017

Pan Cake: Bánh xèo

Depending on the preferences of each region, the bread may be the bean sprout, papaya or cayenne, bacon, chicken, or minced duck ... Cake is served with a variety of vegetables such as lettuce fish, Many herbs are eaten with young mango, leaves, silk leaves ... but absolutely indispensable green cabbage. Sauce is also one of the contributing factors to increase the taste of pancakes, sauce must be white radish, red beet fiber with fish sauce, lemon and chili.To enjoy , cut it into manageable slices, roll it up in rice paper or lettuce leaves and dunk it in whatever special sauce the chef has mixed up for you.


VietNam Noodle soup: Phở

Almost all international tourists coming to Vietnam want a chance to enjoy Vietnamese noodle soup known as “Pho”. Pho is one of the most desired dishes in the food culture of the Vietnamese. Pho is often thought to be shaped in the early 20th century in VietNam.“Phở nước” is the traditional and the most popular among different kinds of “phở”. The most renowned dish of “phở nước” is “phở bò”- Vietnamese beef noodle soup, which is originated from the northern province.Today, pho has different processing methods and flavors.To attract more noodles, the owner of the pho shop changed the original bowl to noodle soup, brittle, beef and beef carton and mix the meat back and forth, so customers can call more than 10 other noodle together. Customers can also call small bowls, bowls and extra big bowls