Roadshow Soulful Vietnam in Toronto, Washington DC and New York

Sep 13 2018

From 15 Sept till 23 Sept, Explore Real Asia will participate the Roadshow of Soulful Vietnam organized by Vietnam National Administration of Tourism at Toronto (Canada), Washington DC and New York in America. Welcome you!

Day 1

Saturday: 15 Sep

- Evening: Depart from Noi Bai Airport

Day 2

Sunday: 16 Sep

- Morning: Arrive in Toronto

- Afternoon: Location survey, logistics preparation

Day 3

Monday: 17 Sep

- Morning: Program Overview

- Afternoon: Program in Toronto

Day 4

Tuesday: 18 Sep

- Morning: Flight to Washington, DC (United States)

- Afternoon: Expected to work with the US Tourism Administration. Site survey, logistics preparation

Day 5

Wednesday: 19 Sep

- Morning: General Program approval

- Afternoon: Program in Washington DC

Day 6

Thursday: 20 Sep

- Morning: Depart New York (by car).

- Afternoon: Site survey, logistics preparation, program review

Day 7

Friday: 21 Sep

- Program Organization in New York

Day 8

Saturday: 22 Sep

- Expected to work with the American Travel Association (ASTA)

Day 9

Sunday: 23 Sep

- The delegation left New York, back to Noi Bai on 24/9


Tour promotion offer at event.

1/ Vietnam Vetaran Tour

2/ Off-road Itinerary

3/ The Real Vietnam

4/ Vietnam And The Paradise Beach In 

5/ North Vietnam

6/ Sai Gon - Cu Chi - Hue - Hoi An