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Enjoy Tet in Vietnam

  • Enjoy Tet in Vietnam
When I first began planning my time in Vietnam, I did it without knowing anything about which day the Lunar New Year would fall in 2014. I was basing my decision more around the holidays back home in the U.S., and my elephant volunteering gig...

With $100, What should you buy in Hanoi?

  • With $100, What should you buy in Hanoi?
Shopping in Hanoi is a great experience because of a wide variety of items from authentic silk, ethnic minority souvenir to wooden products. So, there is not lack of choices when shopping in Hanoi . So here some suggestions that some items...

Hoi An Lantern Festival

  • Hoi An Lantern Festival
We were instantly drawn in by the picture perfect lantern and candlelit Song Thu Bon River and we were amazed by the huge crowds and the festival atmosphere. The ancient town is closed to motorised traffic on the night of the festival and...

Tet holiday in Vietnam

  • Tet holiday in Vietnam
Tet is Vietnam’s New Year festival, best described as a combination of western Christmas and New Year celebrations rolled into one. It heralds the arrival of spring in January or February, as calculated by Vietnam’s version of...

Red Dao Wedding

  • Red Dao Wedding
The Red Dao hill tribe population of Sapa is one subdivision of Dao people living in the highlands of North Vietnam. It has been an honor to spend time over the weekend with two Red Dao families as they connected with each other through a...