Destinations not to be missed in Vietnam

Jun 08 2017

Perhaps not as dignified as the Imperial City, Hue, or as vibrant as the Big Market of Saigon, the ancient town of Hoi An attracts visitors by its unspoilt romantic aura.

Visiting Hoi An, you will be able to see the old green mossy roof tiles of a thousand photographs, the sparkling lights in the night or the hundred-years-old bungalows with ornate traditional carvings. The ancient town of Hoi An preserves in their original state a complex of ancient architectural relics, including many houses, communal buildings, pagodas, temples, wells, bridges, churches, harbors and markets. Narrow streets crossing each other form chess-like squares.



In addition to retaining cultural values ​​through diverse architecture, Hoi An still preserves a large base of traditional culture. The everyday life of the residents with their customs, beliefs, folk arts, cultural festivals are being preserved and promoted alongside the romantic natural scenery, traditional villages, Special dishes to make Hoi An become an increasingly attractive destination for discerning tourists.



This was underlined by UNESCO recognising Hoi An ancient city as a site of World Cultural Heritage.

The next destination is Halong Bay, also recognised by UNESCO as being among the top seven natural wonders of the world. Looking down from above, Ha Long Bay is like an enormous watercolor painting with thousands of rocky islands. The sea at ​​Ha Long retains its unique blue hue through all four seasons. The beauty of Ha Long lies not only openly in the shape of mountains and clouds but is also hidden in the rocks, with a system of magnificent caves caves extremely rich in geological interest. At Halong Bay, visitors can take a cruise for sightseeing. You will see a dream-like haze, crystal clear sea water reflecting images of remote islands. You will see the floating houses of local people and their traditional boats criss-crossing on the bay. The memory will last a lifetime.



Ha Long is beautiful, romantic and contains mystery hidden in a landscape, that attracts politicians, poets, cultural celebrities in and out of the country to the bay. It is said of Ha Long Bay, "Not to know Ha Long Bay, is to not really know Vietnam". So if you who have never set foot in Ha Long Bay do not hesitate - take the chance to come to Ha Long and explore the wonders of heaven on earth.