Our Safety protection during the Corona virus spreading - TOP TOP URGENT updated by today 29 Feb 2020

Feb 29 2020

Dear our Friends and Colleagues,

On the strict situation of Corona virus disease all over the world, we are in Vietnam temporary proud of be one of countries which have a good control in handling this virus spreading within our country.

Therefore, we at Explore Real Asia (ERATour.VN) based in Vietnam would like to share with you SOME TIPs which our best advice for Our Safety protection during the Corona virus spreading as below:

-              Personal suggestions to eat more garlic, chili to keep your body warm up to be healthy

-              To drink more hot water

-              Face masks wearing on the street or in the crowded

-              Always wash your hands

-              If any people got fever, any signal of the corona virus to be check by the corona centre of the Health ministry

-              Our authorities have issued a notice restricting tourists from the affected area (Chinese, Korea, Japanese, Iran, Italia) to Vietnam within 21 days of the outbreak.

-              And if there are tourists from the epidemic area (Chinese, Korea, Japanese, Iran, Italia) our Iranian tourists will be quarantined for 14 days.

During these recent 13 days, in Vietnam, the corona virus has been under control in good. And we are in Vietnam still must do as above as from our government request.

We hope it is useful with you there.

Let’s hope for the best!