Almost all visitors to Vietnam need a visa to enter the country, although some qualified exemptions apply for citizens of those countries with bilateral reciprocal agreements with Vietnam. Depending upon the nationality and passport of the applicant, a tourist visa may be granted for either a fifteen (15) or thirty (30) day stay in Vietnam.

a.    Visa fee

There are 2 kinds of fees involved to E-VISA or Vietnam visa on arrival as below:

  • Visa stamping fee (government official fee) is paid on arrival while picking up your visa on arrival at the airport as below:

       + Single entry (1-3 months)   : 25 USD/pax

       + Multiple entry(1-3 months): 50 USD/pax

       + 6-month visa                       : 95 USD/pax

       + 1 year visa                           : 135 USD/pax

  • Service fee is paid to the company who follows-up the procedures at the Immigration of Vietnam to get your visa approval letter and send it to your email. Service fee is paid to the company who follows-up the procedures at the Immigration of Vietnam to get your visa approval letter and send it to your email. Explore Real Asia will assist you for the formalities. Processing visa application takes 5 working days minimum

b.    Visa document

To save time when picking up the visa at Vietnam airport, please prepare some documents as below prior your trip:

-          Original passport (more than 6 months validation with at least 2 blank pages)

-          The visa approval letter (printed in paper already)

-          The Vietnamese visa application form (Form N1) which completed information and attached photo already (We will send it to your email)

Expection, Visitors from 5 Western European countries (including: United Kingdom, France, Italy, Spain and Germany) are exempt from visa from 01 July, 2017 to 30 June, 2018, if the stay is less than 15 days, applicable to all kinds of passport and travel purposes

c.     How to get the visa at airport 

  • At Noi Bai airoprt

At Noi Bai International Airport (Hanoi city), the Visa On Arrival counter is situated opposite the passport control. The signage is unclear if there are lots of people.

After you submit documents to Visa landing office, you need to wait while they process it. If it is busy, keep your eyes and ears open as they will call out your name or hold up your passport / photo. In this step, you will pay for the stamping fee.

If you get the visa with some passports for you and your friends, you will receive 1 pink receipt for all, the visas will already be in the passports. Check the visas for errors while still at the window. After receiving your passports back, proceed to the 'foreigners' Control passport counter and get the stamp into your passport

  • At Da Nang airport

At Da Nang International airport (Da Nang city), please follow the exit signs. As soon as you enter the huge hall it is very easy to find the Visa On Arrival window - it is on the left hand side and is clearly visible.

The process is quite quick (approximately 15 minutes with all necessary paperwork completed before landing) but do bear in mind there is no guarantee it will be always be the same. After receiving visas / passports back, progress onward to Passport control to get the blue stamp into your passport

  • At Ho Chi Minh airport

At Tan Son Nhat International Airport (Ho Chi Minh City) the Vietnam visa on arrival counter is situated on the left as you enter the immigration hall.

The Visa on arrival office is signed Landing Visa – Cấp thị thực tại chỗ”. You will come to this place first to submit your documents and get the visa into your passport


 d.     E- VISA

Since February 1st 2017, the Government of Vietnam has implemented the e-Visa. The new online process simplifies the procedures to enter Vietnam by allowing travellers to apply directly online for a visa.

You can find guide useful and information on Eligible Coutries via link to the new VietNam E- visa System as below: